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To the Point: Lecithin

Photo Courtesy of the United Soybean Board

It’s hard to understand what a product is without understanding its most crucial ingredients. At HealthyCoat we want you to really know what it is that you’re giving your pet because we know how important animal health is to you.

One of the ingredients our formula contains, that we feel separates us from others, is copious amounts of all natural lecithin.

Lecithin is a blanket term for a fatty substance that occurs naturally in plant and animal tissues (Like soybean’s or eggs). Depending on the source it’s extracted from, the exact composition of lecithin changes but its effects do not.

It enriches fat and protein cells to help them get the most out of their existing diet.

How? Because lecithin makes it easier for their bodies to break down and absorb the nutrients. Think of it like a super fatty acid!

The best part of HealthyCoat is that it’s a combination of oils and because of this it has a shelf life of ten years if stored properly. So why is there sometimes sediment floating around or that dark brown stuff on the bottom?

That’s the lecithin: the good stuff. The super fatty acids.

Don’t mind that it looks weird because those “heavies” are what makes the difference for your animal. Without them HealthyCoat would just be another oily feed dressing or some raw eggs but because of them it’s one of the best ways to get your animal the nutrients they need to feel they best they can.

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