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The Effects of Arthritis

Every year the number of household pets diagnosed with arthritis increases. Not just in number of diagnoses, but in the percentage relative to pets.

Now, 1 in 5 pets will develop arthritis.

Joint pain is an expected result of aging, but arthritis doesn’t need to be. The pain from arthritis starts mild and then progresses to the point that it can cripple your animal and deter them from their favorite activities.

Some indicators of arthritis in your animal include walking stiffly, favoring a certain limb or limping, lameness, and pain when touched in certain spots. A lot of smaller animals that are held often might be more likely to develop it in their shoulder where larger animals might start to feel the sharp pain in their hips.

When it’s comes to your pet, prevention is key and a healthy lifestyle is important. Here are some tips to minimize arthritis pain and, even, avoid it in the future.

  • Provide bedding with support; make getting around slippery floors possible with nonskid flooring or rugs.

  • Regular exercise. Keeping your pet in shape is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dogs that are overweight are far more likely to develop arthritis. Supplements, like HealthyCoat, can also help with their metabolism and maintaining a healthy weight. Especially in a world where 50% of household pets are qualifying as overweight.

  • Anti-inflammatory supplements. Supplements with Omega 3 & 6 will help reduce the pain arthritis cause and possibly prevent it when started at a young age. HealthyCoat works as an inflammatory.

  • Massages. Dogs and cats appreciate them as much as we do. It gets the blood flowing and relieves some of the tension in their muscles.

Sure, there are pharmaceuticals that might help or steroids. But those come with far riskier side-affects and are best left as a last resort when natural therapies fall short. A healthy diet, natural nutrition and a life filled with plenty of exercise will decrease your pets chances of developing severe arthritis later in their life.

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