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The Importance of Proper Digestion

While there are many components that are important in the maintenance of a happy, healthy animal, digestion is atop the most important of that list; proper digestion at that.

Digestion not only occurs mechanically, but chemically as well. Enzymes in the stomach and intestines work to chemically break down the ingested feedstuffs. While this is all good, as these enzymes are creating the absorptive and digestive processes necessary for the body, they are also producing heat which can cause discomfort or complications of further digestion. This heat is called “Heat Increment” and is described as increased heat production that occurs from metabolism and digestion of consumed food. Heat Increment can raise internal body temperature, which in turn raises core body temperature, but what if you could supplement a product that promotes more efficient digestion?

HealthyCoat formulas are made with high percentages of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids, making HealthyCoat the highest-quality, liquid, fat supplement on the market. Fat has the lowest Heat Increment of nutrients, and that is part of why HealthyCoat is such a unique product. The lower levels of heat produced during digestion after using HealthyCoat will improve the overall capabilities of the gastrointestinal tract, and put your animal on track to better appearance, performance and overall health.

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