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From Rough Kidding to CHAMPION:

A Story of HealthyCoat Success

"This doe went through a rough kidding that ended in a c-section. She is my daughter's showmanship doe and due to a rough spring, she was the only one she had to begin the season with. Fast forward to the ABGA National Show where we were given a sample of HealthyCoat! We now buy it by the gallon.  This is the same doe just 3 short months later."

 Heather Hughes

Sidney, IL

“HealthyCoat gives my horses extra shine and bloom. It works as a high fat energy source and most important, I've noticed it helps with hoof growth, which is a big factor for me. If you could only choose one supplement to use it should be HealthyCoat because of the multiple benefits.”

- -Jane Melby

Professional Barrel Racer and NFR Qualifier

Multiple Benefits * A Formula for Every Animal

- Promotes glossy haircoat; enhances skin and hoof conditions

- Aids in maintenance of healthy joints

- Aids in digestion and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A,      D, E and K

- Evens out feed textures and improves palatabiity



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