July 1, 2020

  It is July and temperatures are rising!  Not only is the outdoor temperature increasing, but your horse’s body temperature is too.  Did you know there are some simple changes you can make to your horse’s feeding program that will provide benefits for them in this hot...

December 12, 2019

If you’ve owned horses long, you’ve been there.  Your beloved mare needs medication and you KNOW she won’t eat it.  You plan your strategy and employ all the usual tactics: crush, mix, syringes, applesauce, molasses etc.  Once the medication concoction has been prepare...

July 15, 2019

            Prior to August of last year, I was not familiar with a condition called anhidrosis.  If you have never heard of it, this occurs when environmental conditions trigger something in a horse that leads to a diminished ability to sweat.  Flashback to August of...

July 12, 2016

While there are many components that are important in the maintenance of a happy, healthy animal, digestion is atop the most important of that list; proper digestion at that. 

Digestion not only occurs mechanically, but chemically as well.  Enzymes in the stomach and in...

June 17, 2016

We finally said enough is enough. In the small, socially connected world we live in today you can only get so far tooting your own horn and posting articles about the the importance of Essential Fatty Acids to your pets short and long term health. That being true, we d...

June 17, 2016

The health benefits of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids have been speculated for quite some time but Dr. Randy Kidd, DVM, give just about the best explanation as to the holistic benefits of the acids. To take a look at this article, click PetMD.

June 17, 2016

Here is an outstanding article posted by the Banfield Pet Hospital, a well reknowned veterinary practice, about the key benefits of Essential Fatty Acids. These types of incentives will allow your animal to live more comfortably and reduce you vet bills all at the same...

June 17, 2016

Every year the number of household pets diagnosed with arthritis increases. Not just in number of diagnoses, but in the percentage relative to pets.

Now, 1 in 5 pets will develop arthritis.

Joint pain is an expected result of aging, but arthritis doesn’t need to be. The...

June 17, 2016


June 1, 2016

Iowa cowboy, Cody Huber, has made quite a name for himself at just 22 years young. Cody is married to Shayla Huber, who spends her summers off from teaching, traveling with Cody and his family to rodeos and events. Cody has been a devoted user and sponsored rider of He...

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